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We’ve all been there. We know we need to get in shape, lose weight or just get healthier. However, we have absolutely no idea where to start. We think about hiring a personal trainer but we just can’t afford it. So, we sit – and don’t get anywhere. Well, the days of you relying on this excuse are a thing of the past! Read on to find out why.

Trifocus Fitness Academytrifocus fitness app, the leading provider of locally and internationally accredited fitness education, has recently launched the Trifocus Fit App for both Android and iOS devices. This app is absolutely 100% free to download, and it’s like having your very own personal trainer available when you want him!

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The fitness specialists at Trifocus Fitness Academy have designed a number of workouts that you can do depending on what goal you have for your body. So whether it be toning, strengthening or improving your overall fitness levels, the Trifocus Fit App has an exercise regimen that is perfect for you. Each exercise is also demonstrated by our Trifocus Brand Ambassadors, so you can see what the correct execution of the movement is. There is also an MP3 loaded onto each exercise so that you can listen to us guide you through each exercise while you’re training.

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There are additional fitness articles, which are updated regularly, on topics such as nutrition, specific exercises and supplementation that will help you in your quest to get fit. Our fitness quizzes will help you test the fitness knowledge that you’ve acquired so you can show off your new-found fitness acumen to your friends and colleagues.

For more information about the Trifocus Fit App for iOS, follow this link. For more information about the Trifocus Fit App for Android, follow this link.

Author: Tanja Schmitz

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