Charné Bosman Runs To Victory At The 2016 Comrades

Eat Your Pulses – Lentil Tart Recipe

In 2013, the United Nations designated 2016 as the year of the pulses. And, there are reasons why you should…

4 Medicine Ball Moves For The Entire Body

4 Full Body Medicine Ball Moves

Work your entire body with these 4 simple moves. Sometimes beginner gym-goers can have the problem of not knowing what…

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Boxing

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Boxing

A workout that packs a punch. Boxing isn’t a fitness regime that many women consider when trying to get into…


Hollard Jura FYI: Everything You Need to Know About Registration & Road Closures

The Hollard Jozi Urban Run Adventure is less than a week away. Here’s all the information you need…

Trifocus Fitness App

Your Personalised Training App

Your very own personal training app is just a click away! We’ve all been there. We know…

ACA throwdown

Arnold Classic Africa Throwdown FREE Workshops

Get your skills up to scratch by attending one of the FREE Arnold Classic Africa Throwdown workshops this Friday…

The power of the personal best

The Power Of The Personal Best

We chat to Celestie Engelbrecht, South Africa’s CrossFit Champion about this fitness strategy you should be using. ‘Personal Best’ (otherwise…


3 Moves To Better Looking Calves

Three Calf moves to add to your leg day workout 1. Bridge with calf raise Starting: Lie face up with your feet,…

5 Ways To Speed Up Weight Loss

5 Ways To Speed Up Weight Loss

The 5 S’s of speedy weight loss. Say no to dieting and severe calorie restriction that end up doing the…

Virtuosity Movement Standard: Back Squats

Virtuosity Movement Standard: Back Squats

The Squat starts and finishes at the same place. The bar is racked behind the neck on the shoulders….