It’s No Turning Back For Lucy Cartwright

Lucy Cartwright

Last year, Lucy Cartwright first told us about her remarkable body transformation. Because fitness is a journey and not a pit stop, we decided to catch up with the 36-year-old to find out how far she has come since her initial chat with fitness magazine.

Every fitness transformation starts with a wake up call. For Lucy, it was when her friends and strangers began asking her when her third baby was due. Funny enough, Lucy was not expecting. “I wasn’t pregnant, just overweight, so these questions were a real eye-opener,” she says, as she recalls the moment she realised her weight had become a problem.

Weighing in at 114kg, Lucy was unhappy.

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“I constantly felt sluggish and tired. None of my old clothes would fit me any more.”

Unsuccessfully, she attempted a number of various diets. But. Her weight simply yo-yoed. She finally realised that in order to achieve real change, she had to adopt a different lifestyle. This meant that restrictive diets, junk food, and the midnight snacks- that she had become so accustomed to- was no longer an option.

After some introspection, she also realised that her bad eating habits were simply a coping mechanism to deal with the depression she felt from being overweight.


“It was more than a habit I had to break; I had to deal with the emotional roots of my comfort eating.”

She says that changing your eating habits is all about self- discipline and control. Now, she considers everything she eats instead of mindlessly chewing whatever is in front of her. Coming from a point of following many restrictive diets that didn’t produce any significant or permanent results, Lucy has learnt that the best approach for her is a diet that suits her lifestyle and can maintained long term.

In terms of training, Lucy’s initial weight loss involved training 6-7 days per week. Nowadays, she still trains as frequently but has a more balanced approach in terms of implementing cardio, weights, and abs. Her focus has changed to toning and firming up her body.

“I highly recommend the stepping machine. When I was still losing my weight before I reached my goal, I used to step for one hour, almost every day, my stepping intensity level got higher and higher, with the more my fitness improved. I now balance my stepping with my weight training and my stomach exercises. I step 20-30 minutes most days on the highest intensity. Then I do my weights or abs for approximately 30-40 minutes.”

1240x660_blucy-2In total, Lucy has lost a whopping 45kg. She believes her continued success comes from the realisation that losing weight and keeping it off requires hard work. Exercising and eating clean food that fuels your body must become a habit.

The changes to her physical body and increased energy level, productivity and self confidence inspires her to never give up on herself or her health. Her biggest motivation is that she has not only become a fitter and thinner person but also a role model to her daughters.

For anyone thinking this it to hard or are not seeing results yet and feeling discouraged or demotivated amidst their own transformation journey, Lucy says it is important to remember why you started and your results thus far.


“Look at how far you have come, there’s no point in turning back now.”

Favourite health food dish: I love making my own brown wraps filled with chicken, avocado, and salad ingredients.

Favourite training move/routine: I love training legs and stepping on the machine

Must-use supplements: Whey protein powder –USN- vanilla

Top diet tip: Try to adapt to a diet that suits your lifestyle and a diet that you can maintain, Make sure that it is realistic.


  • Before weight: 114
  • Before Body Fat%: 40%
  • Current weight: 69kg
  • Current body fat: 19%
  • Overall weight loss: 45 kg
  • Age: 36
  • Married / Children: married with 2 daughters aged 6 and 3 years old

Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.