Mom of Twins Gets Her Body Back!

Sonia Matos - Mom of twins gets her body back!

Having always been an active person, Sonia Matos was very mindful of not using her pregnancy as an excuse to gain unnecessary weight.

In the end, she only gained 20kg, which she thought was quite impressive for someone carrying twins. Unfortunately for Sonia it wasn’t the pregnancy itself that posed the greatest challenge, but rather the period immediately following the birth of her two boys. “They ended up in ICU for the first month of their lives. Obviously weight loss took a back seat to breast feeding and taking care of them,” she explains. “As such, my journey getting my body back started much later than I had initially planned as there was so much going on in my life at that stage.”

Sonia eventually started to run and that soon progressed into boxing and light resistance training. Personal trainer Jason Henry placed her on an individualised high intensity resistance training and cardio programme. Sonia also contacted nutritionist Dani Waterston to help align her nutrition and training goals. She had the challenge of balancing her health and fitness goals with her commitments and requirements as a single mom to twins, and going back to work. “I’m an A-type personality and I thrive on routine so that has helped me structure every aspect of my day-to-day life. I have a system that works and is consistent, which is key for me.”After losing her baby fat Sonia decided to take things further by competing on the Bikini stage, a feat she achieved when she walked onto the WBFF stage on 14th June 2015, where she won her division in the Diva Bikini Model 35 Plus category.

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Her advice to other women who want to lose weight is plain and simple: “Start slowly. Set realistic goals that you can achieve and slowly make those changes. Don’t be hard on yourself during the setbacks, but don’t allow yourself to wander off course either. Small victories every day will get you there. I am proof of that.”

1240x660_soniakidsQuick facts:

  • Favourite healthy dish: Ostrich cottage pie with sweet potato or protein pancakes.
  • Favourite training routine: Legs.

Must-use supplements:

  • Pre workout: Pharmafreak Super Freak
  • Intra-workout: USN Amino lean
  • Whey protein: USN Lean 8 multiphase protein (Cinnamon bun flavour)

Sonia’s top diet tip: Read labels! Educate yourself about what you are putting into your body. Get an eating plan from a professional and stick to it.

Sonia’s advice to anyone starting a transformation: Have measurable goals and start small. Stick to the plan and keep moving forward. Believe in your ability to do it, because you can.


  • Age: 37
  • Occupation: Office automation
  • Lives: Bryanston, Johannesburg
  • Weight before: 57kg
  • Body fat before: 15%
  • Weight after: 62kg
  • Body fat after: 10%
  • Twitter: @Soniamatos
  • Facebook: Sonia Matos
  • Instagram: _soniamatos_

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