Maryke’s Makeover: Lose Your Excuses, Find Your Results

Living fit and healthy is more rewarding than living an ordinary lifestyle.

Imagine glancing at your reflection in the mirror and not liking what you see or not being able to recognise the person staring back at you. Well, that was Maryke’s reality when she suddenly started experiencing constant weight gain in her mid 20’s. She was no longer comfortable in her own skin and felt ashamed everytime she looked in the mirror or when she saw herself in photos. So much so, it negatively affected her self-confidence and overall happiness.

It was than that a friend introduced her to a weight loss challenge.

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“A friend told me about the USN 12 Week Body Makeover Challenge. They charge no joining fee, offer you all the tools to track your progress, weekly newsletters regarding what to expect during the 12 weeks, how to measure, a training plan, an eating plan, online assistance and brochures containing all the knowledge you need to have in order to make a complete lifestyle change in only 12 weeks.”

Just because she started taking supplements (the challenge kit comes with Phedra cut, CLA and diet fuel) doesn’t mean that Maryke didn’t go all out during her workout routines. Infact, her training consisted of one hour weight training and 30 minutes cardio training five days a week. During which she would focus on specific muscle groups as follows:

  • Monday – Shoulders, Abs
  • Tuesday – Back, Biceps
  • Wednesday – Legs, Abs
  • Thursday – Chest, Triceps
  • Friday – Circuit Training, Abs, Glutes

Recalling the first four weeks of her weight loss challenge, Maryke says she experienced muscle discomfort and stiffness, but by allowing each muscle group 72 hours to rest, getting enough sleep at night and proper supplementation, her body was able to adapt quickly.

“Training is all about progression, consistency, dedication and hard work,” she says.


In terms of nutrition, Maryke learnt the importance of supplementation and different food groups.

“All my meals were steamed and grilled in order not to add additional fats and calories.”

Her new diet consisted of 6 well proportioned meals a day.

  • Breakfast: A high fibre, complex carb breakfast with a protein shake & fruit.
  • Mid-mornings: 4 boiled eggs (1 whole, 3 whites) for protein and a fruit.
  • Lunch: A protein, carbs and green salad.
  • Mid-afternoons: USN diet fuel shake.
  • Dinner: A well balanced protein meal with mixed veggies and green salad.

She also limited her intake of salt and increased her daily water intake to three litres.

“My biggest motivation during the USN 12 Week Body Makeover Challenge started during week six. My friends, family & surrounding people started noticing the drastic changes to my body. So many people became inspired and motivated by my progress and they asked me to assist them in making the same lifestyle change.”


Living fit and healthy is much more rewarding than living an ordinary lifestyle. A much happier person now, Maryke uses her training time to clear her mind and build confidence. The world of fitness has become her lifestyle. So much so, that she has competed in the IFBB EC Novice event and was placed 4th in the fitness bikini division. In addition, she resigned from her job to pursue a career in the industry of her passion. She now owns a sport supplementation shop in Mossel Bay where she is able to assist people who would like to make lifestyle changes.

When you lose all your excuses you’ll find all your results.

“You might find 100 excuses not to do it, but find that one reason to do it. Don’t expect results within the first four weeks. Be consistent, be patient and stay motivated. Let your progress be an inspiration to others. Never look back and never stop. It only takes 21 days for something to become a habit so keep going and let a healthy lifestyle become yours.”


Favourite health food dish: Lean steak baked in the oven with sweet potato chips!

Favourite training move/routine: Leg day is the most torturous but most rewarding day!

Must-use supplements:

  • USN Phedra-Cut Lip XT for weight control
  • USN CLA Pure 1000 for body toning
  • USN Diet Fuel (low-GI, high protein shake)
  • USN Casein (last meal before bed)

Top diet tip: Keep your nutrition clean. Never starve yourself and do not exclude carbs from your diet as it plays such an important role in your body.


Before weight: 66.5kg
Before Body Fat%: 25%
After weight: 57kg
After Body Fat%: 11%
Age: 28
Relationship: Married with 6-year-old son

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Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.