Marlene Durandt’s Transformation Continues

Marlene Durandt's Transformation Continues

Marlene Durandt says she is proof that if you believe it,  you’re already half way there

Since high school Marlene was always the bigger one. Not obese but bigger than all her friends She would tell herself that she was tall and therefore built differently. After matric she just got bigger, despite being on constant diets and starving herself. She would lose some weight but it would just pile back on again.

By the time she turned 24, Marlene knew she needed to do something. She didn’t know what to do or where to start and couldn’t afford professional help. But then, she met a guy and settled down. At that point things got comfortable and there was no reason to change. She was happy in her marriage but depressed about what she looked like.

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In November 2012, Marlene gave birth to her 3rd son. By January the following year, she weighed 102kg. She was filled with hatred for herself.

“I hated myself, it was the ugliest picture I’ve ever seen when I looked into the mirror.”

She knew if she did not do something she would not live to see her children grow up.

Then she made the best decision of her life.

She came across the USN Body Makeover Challenge, took before pictures, weighed and measured herself. She knew in her heart that this was what she needed to help her start a new life.

It was far from easy. There where days when I had to measure and weigh in and didn’t lose a thing. I cried behind closed doors, going to social events,and saying no to food and drinks was not easy. People judged me and laughed at me. “Another diet?, they would ask.

“ I managed to cut out the negative comments and convince myself that this was a lifestyle.”

Marlene worked with her trainer and friend Eugene and seven months later she weighed 63kg. After completing the USN challenge twice Marlene had her final photo shoot in August 2013.

“ I couldn’t believe what I had achieved,” she says, with pride in her voice, “All the hard work, tears and sweat was worth it.”

Marlene DurandtBy December 2013, she heard some great news. She had made it to the top 5 of the USN Challenge. “My eyes filled with joy  – tears of joy,” she says as she recalls what she views as the best experience of her life.

Even though she didn’t win, the experience has taught her about nutrition, training and supplementation.

After the transformation competition she needed a new challenge. Thus, she decided to enter a fitness/bikini competition and started studying sports science and sports nutrition.

“ I started with perfect nutrition systems and opened the supplement shop two months ago. I also started with the health sauce range, and still busy with a recipe book to help people cook healthy food,” she continues, “ I want to make them realise that living a healthy lifestyle is easy and the food can be nice.”

She says that three years ago when she was just the ‘fat girl’ in the mirror she never thought in a million years that this will become her passion in life. From just wanting to lose weight, she turned into a successful business woman who helps thousands of other people gain back their health.

“I hope my journey can inspire others and not just in losing weight, but on all aspects in life.”

She believes that if you really want something as bad as you want to breathe, only then you will be successful.


“Love Yourself Enough to Live A Healthy Lifestyle.”

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Favourite health food dish: To many… I love egg and oats pancakes, spread with peanut butter and honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.
Favourite training move/routine: Love doing legs
Must-use supplements: CLA, Multi-vitamin, Whey pretein, BCAA’s
Top diet tip: Always pack your food in advance


  • Before weight: 102kg
  • After Body Fat%: 13%
  • Current weight : 70kg
  • Current body fat: 17%
  • Age: 33
  • Married / Children: yes, 3 boys
  • Career: Nutritionist


Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.