Lower Body Ladder Blaster

If there’s one workout that’s better at getting your legs toned and building shapely muscles, it has to be plyometrics!

Sure, you could stick with jump squats and jumping lunges and still get the benefit, but this workout packs the added punch of resistance, and incorporates some glute building, too. It’s great fun!

What you need:

All you need is a resistance band and a ladder. If you don’t have a ladder similar to the one at your gym, then do the workout without one and just count a certain number of steps each way.

The workout:

Jump squats: Perform basic jump squats in and out of each run (block) of the ladder. Work to the end of the ladder and then back. Complete 3 rounds.

In-out jump squats: This works the hamstrings, quads and glutes and a bit of the calves. Try and get as low as possible with each jump and really explode upwards. Work to the end of the ladder and then back. Complete 3 rounds.

Side taps: Stand perpendicular to the ladder with a band around your ankles. Tap inside the ladder with your toes and come back to your other foot, then move forward to the next ladder block. With each tap, try to stretch the resistance band far enough to get your glutes working. Work to the end of the ladder and back with one leg, then swap to the other leg for another round. Do this twice.

Front shuffles: Facing the ladder, tap each foot inside each ladder block in an alternating fashion. Make sure each leg gets a chance to lead the tapping movement sequence. Work to the end of the ladder and back, allowing for another round starting with the other leg.



By Isilda Da Costa

Music by bensound.com

Author: Pedro van Gaalen