What Gyms Look For When Hiring Personal Trainers

What skills and accreditation do gyms look for when employing personal trainers?

Personal training is a booming industry worldwide, and is set to grow even bigger in the coming years. The reason? People are becoming more conscious about their health and fitness, which means that they will be looking to trained fitness professionals to help them achieve this goal. So if your life’s ambition is to become a personal trainer, what skills and accreditation do you need to become the best personal trainer out there?

Is fitness your passion?

To be the best, fitness needs to be your passion. The first thing you need to be thinking of, when you wake up in the morning, is lifting weights or toning. If it isn’t, being a personal trainer isn’t for you. “We, at Trifocus Fitness Academy,” says Lisa Schneider: Managing Director of Trifocus Fitness Academy, “firmly believe that in order to make a personal training career successful for you, it needs to be your passion.

Go to a well-recognised fitness academy

When you go for a job interview as a personal trainer, your qualification needs to be your calling card. It either lets you in the door or sends you packing. “It’s vital to have a personal training qualification from a well-recognised fitness college that is both locally and internationally accredited,” says Schneider.

REPPSA is your calling card

The hallmark of any reputable fitness college, in South Africa, is being accredited with REPPSA. The beauty of this is that this body is affiliated with REPS overseas.  “At Trifocus Fitness Academy, all our courses are REPPSA accredited. This means that armed with a Trifocus Fitness Academy personal training diploma, you’ll find work – as a personal trainer – anywhere in the world,” concludes Schneider.


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