Get Beach-Ready Glutes [VIDEO]

This time of year we cannot wait to get into a pair of shorts and into that tiny bikini, or can we? Do you feel like your glutes could be a little plumper? Or maybe you feel like you have a little more cellulite than what you’re comfortable with?

Exercising your glutes will not only make them look and feel firm, but it certainly does wonders for performance. It is the most important muscle group for athletes when it comes to power, strength and general performance.

In order to really grow your glutes and change their shape, you need to focus on both volume and weight. Try include a lighter weight workout in your week along with a heavier load workout that involves progressive overload.

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The function of the glute muscles is to extend, abduct and externally rotate the hips. In order to train the glutes in the most effective way, you need to include all three hip/glute movements in one session which is exactly what this plan provides you with!

This workout will involve supersets so get to the gym and enjoy!

Work on 4 sets of 10-12 for the first exercise in then superset and as many reps as you can in the second. 

Hip thrust superset single leg thrust

With your upper back resting comfortably on a bench, and a barbell resting on your lap, thrust in an upwards motion. The correct form to focus on here is to keep your chin tucked (so you are not looking up at the ceiling) and to keep your ribs closed so your whole torso basically moves in one smooth movement. The single leg thrust is the same movement only that your one leg remains lifted off the floor the whole time. This will ensure equal strength in both gluteus muscles.

Sumo squats at the smith machine superset side lying leg lifts

A sumo squat is just a wider squat with feet pointing outwards. Try and get as deep as possible in the squat but this does not determine glute activation as previously believed. Do what is comfortable for your body. The side lying leg lifts are almost a Pilates type exercise which require you to lie on your side and bring the top leg up and down in a slow movement. It helps to point your toe downwards and keep the focus in your glutes.

Sumo deadlift superset dolphins

A sumo deadlift is a very wide deadlift in which you keep your back rather straight but you do lean forwards slightly. Try picturing your glutes really stretching on the down portion and really contracting on the up. Dolphins are performed lying tummy on a bench, heels together but knees wide apart as you squeeze your glutes and lift your legs. This could be replaced with hyperextensions if it is not comfortable for you.

Abductor machine superset side plank clam finisher

The machine is self-explanatory but I prefer to perform these in a slightly lifted position as it tends to activate the glutes a little bit more. Try to keep close to the bench still.

The side plank finisher is the secret weapon when it comes to building and shaping the glutes. This works all 3 muscles in the glutes and involves you lying in a side plank, with knees bent. Using a resistance band makes this more effective but each rep is lifting the top leg and squeezing for a second before repeating for a few more reps. Knees stay bent the whole time.

Finish off your glute session with a few sets of resistance band kickbacks.

If this doesn’t work then I do not know what will! Enjoy! 




Workout by Isilda da Costa. Isilda is a personal trainer, health coach, certified nutritionist and women’s fitness specialist.

Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog.

Author: Mariska du Plessis

Mariska is the editor of Fitness Magazine, Bootcamp Instructor, Writer, Photographer and Wellness Blogger.

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