Fun With Fitness. Jen Jewell’s 8-week Workout

Fun with Fitness

“It’s no secret that I love to be outdoors and that I thoroughly enjoy taking my fitness outside.” – Jen Jewell

Exercising and getting your heart rate up doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck indoors on the treadmill or bike. Having “fun with fitness” is anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone while keeping you active. It can be a hike, a jog outside or hitting the biking routes.

So hit the outdoors while you work on that fitter physique! Try to incorporate an active “fun with fitness’ day every week.


1) Go for a run or walk

Simply get out there and enjoy yourself. Jen loves hitting the road and taking in some new scenery rather than spending time inside the gym for her cardio sessions. And if you’re not used to running, don’t worry. You can work on building your fitness levels up by interspersing your walk with 20-30 seconds jogging intervals. Setting yourself weekly goals in terms of time or distance covered will help motivate you to improve.

2) Hiking

Often overlooked by many, hiking at a quick pace is a highly effective form of exercise to improve your fitness. Not only are you active while having some fun while doing it, you also have the opportunity to explore more of your surroundings and get closer to nature. Apart from the fitness benefits, hiking is also a great way to ‘walk off’ all the stresses of a busy lifestyle and have some ‘alone time’ with your thoughts.

Fun with Fitness

3) Circuit training outdoors

Join a group training class or take your weekly full-body tune-up to the park.

4) Hit the mountain bike tracks or start trail running

Incorporating other activities can only benefit your wellbeing. Taking up another sport, like mountain biking or trail running, takes you outside of the gym and pushes you to perform. There are many private outdoor facilities that cater for a variety of activities, and all level of participant, from beginner to expert. It’s really as simple as doing an internet search to see what’s available in your area.