Full-body blast with landmine training

Full-body workouts can be a double-edged sword without the correct approach

Poor exercise selection and programming can leave you with a watered-down workout, but the right approach will challenge you and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment once you’ve finished.

To achieve these results and make your workout really count, try this awesome lower body, back and shoulders workout.

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What you’ll need: A barbell securely placed in a corner (DIY landmine) or an actual landmine if your gym has one. It is amazing how many challenging variations this inexpensive piece of equipment can offer to high-value movements. It is definitely a functional piece of training kit!

How to do it: Start with no added plates on the bar as the bar itself is heavy and you need to master the movements first. Perform each of these for 4 sets of 12-15. Finish each exercise before the next.

The moves

  • Front squat with thruster: Grab the end of bar with both hands. Squat as low as you can and on the way up, thrust your arms upwards into an overhead press.
  • Stiff-legged deadlift: Hold the bar comfortably with both hands, with the bar running between your legs. Keep a slight bend in your knees. Perform a stiff-legged deadlift by hinging at the hips to lower the bar. Engage your glutes to extend your hips to bring the bar back up. Keep your head and neck in a neutral position throughout.
  • Shoulder press: Grab the end of the bar with one hand and lean forward slightly. Press it upwards in a shoulder press movement. Repeat for the required reps before swapping arms.
  • Back rows: Hold the bar comfortably with both hands, with the bar running between your legs. Keep a slight bend in your knees. Hinge at the hips to bend over. With arms extended below you, row the bar upwards. Squeeze your back at the peak of each movement.
  • Lunge with trunk twist: Grab the bar with the hand opposite to your forward leg. Take a step back with the other leg and descend into a deep lunge. As you do so, press downwards with the bar into a slight twist. Come back up and repeat for the required reps on one side before switching.


By Isilda Da Costa

Author: Tanja Schmitz

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