Fry’s New Gourmet Range Ticks all the Boxes for Flexi-Eaters

Crafted with ingredients you will find in your own kitchen, The Fry Family Food Co.’s Crafted new premium range is made with 100% natural ingredients and superfoods that power up your day, deliciously!

Developed out of a need to provide their own family with nutritious snack options that satisfied even the fussiest of eaters, the family-owned company, The Fry Family Food Co. created the Crafted range, from their kitchen to yours.

 Comprising of four delicious plant-based food products, the new premium range includes Quinoa and Roasted Butternut Balls, the Soy and Quinoa Country Roast, gluten-free Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets, and gluten-free Quinoa and Chickpea Falafels. 

The Crafted range is created with 100% natural ingredients, and fresh herbs and spices, and includes superfoods like chia seeds, quinoa, and rice protein, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

The products are a healthy source of fibre, and protein with all considered to be “complete” proteins, meaning they offer all eight essential amino acids for a healthy balanced diet. Additionally, all Fry’s products are naturally free from cholesterol, meaning they are a better option for your heart health. The meat-free products are flavoured with natural herbs and spices and include no GM ingredients, hormones, antibiotics or refined sugars. 

Tammy Fry Kelly, International Marketing Director for The Fry Family Food Co., comments: “We are a family of vegetarians and have always been committed to making great tasting, high protein meat replacements; initially for ourselves, and now our customers all over the world. In fact, our children are very much a part of deciding what tastes great. If they don’t approve, it’s back to the kitchen for further development!”

Created with only best that nature has to offer and an ingredient list you can understand, the family’s new range appeals to vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians across the country. Sustaining and sustainable, these new superfood foods not only have a superior taste but also contain natural, plant ingredients that do no harm. 

The Crafted range is available to purchase nationwide in select Pick ‘n Pay, Spar, and Checkers nationwide. Recommended prices for each product are as follows: Chia Nuggets 240g, R32.00, Butternut Balls 240g, R39.99, Falafels 270g, R39.99, Country Roast 500g, R62.99 (available at Pick ‘n Pay only).

To find out more about the Crafted range and Fry’s, check out their website at or on their social media channels via Twitter, @frysfamily | Instagram, @frysfamily | Facebook, @TheFryFamilyFoodCo.




Author: Mariska du Plessis

Mariska is the editor of Fitness Magazine, Bootcamp Instructor, Writer, Photographer and Wellness Blogger.

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