Focus On The Non-Scale Victories

When deciding to embark on a fitness journey, it’s easy to be caught up by the numbers on a scale.

Focus on the non-scale victories instead; they’re often more rewarding than you realise.
While some studies show that people who weigh themselves daily lose more weight than those who don’t, the scale shouldn’t always be your first point of call for measuring weight loss. The most important thing to consider is that muscle weighs more than fat. Many women find that their body appears to look better after they begin to weight train, even though their body weight has increased. The scale can also be discouraging if you haven’t lost any weight despite eating clean and training hard. It’s enough to make you throw in your gym towel. Theresa Jenn Lopetrone, who appeared on the cover of our Fatloss magazine, says she was also aggravated and discouraged.

1240x660_weightloss_Theresa“There were many days when I was frustrated with the number on the scale.”

That was until she realised that it’s better to focus on her well-being. By becoming more aware of how your body feels- rather than what it weighs- you’ll start to notice that you have more energy, sleep better and are generally happier due to the regular endorphin release during exercise.
What’s even better is that you’re now in control of your eating habits. Before you started your weight loss journey, you probably were controlled by food- whether you realise it or not. You’ve succumbed to various cravings and ate to overcome boredom or emotional issues. And, that post-breakup binge didn’t do your body any good.

“I found emotional comfort in overindulging of food and before I knew it I gained 14kg in less than six months,” says Theresa.

By eating clean, you’ve realised that it’s better to eat meals that benefit your body. Munching on vegetables and fruit is not only beneficial for your waistline; the vitamins and nutrients also improve your eyesight and make your skin clear and youthful. Your clean eating and exercise regimen means you no longer have to wear your designated ‘fat’ pants, hide your stomach and bumps with wrap skirts or sit uncomfortably because you’re wearing spanx.

While looking good may be a major reason for losing weight, nothing can compare to the emotional and health benefits.

1240x660_weightloss_candice“I began experiencing heart arrhythmia so I went to see a doctor. Before I knew it, I was prescribed chronic medication for high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism and type-2 diabetes. They were even considering giving me a pacemaker to regulate my heart beat. I had become a walking time bomb, and I wasn’t even 30 years old. I knew then that something needed to be done,” says Candice Whitehead who lost 58kg.

The best part is the knowledge that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. For instance, at first you thought you couldn’t lose 20kg, run a 21km marathon or that it’s impossible for you to lift a 15kg barbell- but you’ve proved you can. This translates to every thing else you do in life. You are in control. You are strong, healthy and more confident.

More energy and a better quality of life is something no scale can measure.

To keep motivated, focus on your non-scale victories and the benefits to your well-being and health. It is ultimately more important than the numbers on a scale.

Author: Robyn Frost