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Jenadine Havenga

What happens on a Cover Model Instagram takeover? You get behind the scenes access to exclusive tips and tricks from our Fitness Mag cover models. Here’s what Jenadine @misspta09 had to share…

Being a Fit Mom – Set an Example

Monkey see, monkey do.


This picture was taken when I was prepping for WBFF worlds 2015 practicing posing. It was school holiday and Jemma did not want to go to the gym childcare club that day, she wanted to practice with me. I involve Jemma in almost everything I do, she goes almost everywhere with me.

Mommy Tip: Don’t adjust your life for your kids, they must adjust to your lifestyle, but also make it fun for them…

  • Don’t Worry About Your Outfit

    Over weekends when everyone is still asleep I wake up early and go for a run. That way I save time on planning what to wear. Heck, sleep in your workout clothes if that helps! Have a screen saver on your phone of your favourite fitness model or physique you want to aspire to and that will get you up at 5 when your alarm goes off.

  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up

    Let’s face it, life happens in the form of sick days, tantrums and gigantic messes that won’t clean themselves. There are days when I have no energy for training and feel completely drained. If you do miss a day, don’t stress. Don’t compare yourself to other moms, do your best for you!

  • Sweeten the Deal

    Sometimes, you have to grease the wheels in order to fit in your workout. My best ‘trick’ is to negotiate with my daughter if she comes for a walk with me after dinner I will watch a bit of a movie with her or play her favourite iPad game.

  • Make It Worth It

    At the end of the day, spending time with your family is always a priority. Work, traveling, social media and everything else means less time with your kids.
    If I’m going to choose to run or go to the gym rather than spend time with my daughter, I better make sure I’m pushing myself the entire time.

Fitting fitness into a busy schedule is hard and exercise is often the first thing to get scratched from the calendar. But, with a little forethought and planning, it’s doable. Make your well-being a priority. I just don’t allow myself to think of my health as a secondary priority. When Mommy’s happy and healthy, everyone else has a better shot of following suit.


What makes a great brand ambassador?


  1. Being a great ambassador is not about what a brand can do for you but what you can do for a brand.
  2. I don’t wait for the brand I represent to tell me what to do as a brand ambassador or what they need from me. I take the initiative to go beyond what is expected of me.
  3. When I started out as a Freddy brand ambassador I did not expect anything. I went out of my way and drove to ladies houses to have them try on Freddy’s. I believed that if ladies tried them on they would love them!
  4. If you’re passionate about a brand and you believe in it, it’s not hard to sell to people. People buy from your passion and your confidence that you display for the brand. People buy from people. I even helped merchandise stores and helped unpack when new stock arrived.
  5. When companies choose brand ambassadors they want people that go beyond, and believe in their brand so choose who you want to represent wisely, and expect to put a lot of work in with no reward.
  6. When you want to approach a brand do your homework and make sure you have knowledge about the company’s background. Don’t expect to get sponsorship if you have no idea what the company is about.
  7. Don’t do brand hopping. No one will take you seriously if you’re promoting one brand one day and another brand another day. You make yourself less trustworthy. You will appear like someone who clearly jumps from brand to brand looking for the best available offer, which clearly shows you’re not truly interested in the brand you’re trying to promote.

jenadine Havenga

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