Itebogeng Mashobane

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Itebogeng
  • Surname: Mashobane
  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Centurion
  • Occupation: Personal trainer, Bokwa learning specialist and OCR
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Social Profiles:

Tell us more about yourself:

What are your fitness goals?

To be the fitness brand in South Africa and an inspiration to women and children out there. To be the glimpse of hope and convey a  message that is indeed possible for anyone to achieve the so-called impossible!


What are your hobbies?

Weight training, Bokwa dance fitness, pole fitness and obstacle course racing.


Do you have any sporting/fitness achievements you would like to share?

Bokwa dance educational specialist for Africa. I have also been interviewed by entertainment variety show Selimathunzi. I am sponsored by OCT South for my obstacle course races.


Why did you enter the USN Face of Fitness 2017?

This will be the third time I am entering the competition. In the past, I have made it through to the top 12. This time around I want to make it further and show women that through hard work and perseverance anything is possible.