Deborah Chauke

  • First Name: Deborah
  • Surname: Chauke
  • Age: 25
  • Hometown: Wonderboom
  • Occupation: Diesel mechanic (SA Army)

Social Profiles:

Tell us more about yourself:

What are your fitness goals?

To always look like a fitness model.To have a body that is always in shape and fit no matter what. To also be fit mentally, emotionally and physically for whatever comes my way. I know if I am totally committed to a healthy lifestyle I can achieve my goals. To influence people to live a healthy life and embrace fitness. To make them realise one does not need fancy gym equipment to be fit or healthy. I am a firm believer that keeping my body healthy will make my journey in this world an enjoyable one. I believe fitness is the fuel I need in life.

What are your hobbies? 

I love to dance and enjoy it alot. 
I also read about interesting subjects such as having a positive self image. Reprogramming my mind helps me to live a positive life and have a different perspective. I also do yoga.
 Other interests include writing, blogging, meditating, swimming and biking.

Do you have any sporting/fitness achievements you would like to share? 

Currently nothing

Why did you enter the USN Face of Fitness 2016? 

I love fitness and believe it is time I use what I love to influence the world around me. I also realised that where I work people want to change their bodies and lifestyles but have no clue where to start, so I would like to be their catalyst for change. This competition will be a great start for me to use what God gave me. I see myself as an ambassador of USN. I simply love their products and I attained my own fitness because of them. I love myself, my body and my life because my perception of myself changed as a result of using USN products. I have entered this competition to share my experience with the world and show people that we can all be, do and have all we desire.