Darushka Williams

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Darushka
  • Surname: Williams
  • Age: 36
  • Hometown: Port Elizabeth
  • Occupation: Personal trainer

Social Profiles:

Tell us more about yourself:

What are your fitness goals?

To always improve my physique and never stop working hard to maintain my weight. I also want to help other women achieve their goals in fitness.


What are your hobbies?

I love running and strength training. On weekends I enjoy challenging hikes with my family in the PE area.


Do you have any sporting/fitness achievements you would like to share?

I started my journey at a weight of 98kg and managed to lose 3kg with proper training and diet. I now weigh  59kg  and have maintained that weight for the past 6 years.

I studied fitness and work as a personal trainer at Viva Gym for the past 3 years.

Another accomplishment is feeling proud about the achievement of my clients. I have helped many clients through their own weight loss journeys as well as getting some clients off insulin treatment and reversing their diabetes.


Why did you enter the USN Face of Fitness 2017?

I entered this competition because I have an amazing weight loss journey that has led me to an amazing fitness story. From finding it difficult to walk up a flight of stairs to now being able to run is an amazing feeling! I would love to continue to achieve goals such as this competition because I believe that I can continue to inspire and influence both men and women.