Exercising with balls – the best medicine!

The medicine ball is a simple piece of equipment that is extremely versatile

The medicine ball is a simple piece of equipment that is extremely versatile

It is often used in rehabilitation and for strength training. You can track the first documented use of the weighted exercise ball back 3,000 years. The name medicine ball originated many years ago when a Renaissance physician decided it could be used to heal injuries as well as prevent them through improved fitness. I find that it provides such a gentle form of toning that everyone should try it out!


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The workout:

Complete each exercise for one minute, working through the entire sequence this way. It will therefore take 6 minutes to complete all 6 exercises. Repeat this sequence 3 more times for a 24-minute workout. Your shoulder, core and legs will thank you.


How to do it:

Let these movements flow as you get used to throwing and catching the ball. Start with a lighter medicine ball until you become more coordinated and confident.


What you need:

A mat, a medicine ball and a willing and able participant – you!


The exercises:

  • Static lunge with side pass: In a static lunge position, twist your torso as you throw the ball against the wall. Pick it up and repeat for 30 seconds on one side, then swap sides.
  • Wall ball throws: Face a wall. Squat down holding the ball at chest level. As you rise up, throw the ball up and against the wall. Let it bounce off the wall then catch it while in the upright position. Repeat the movement.
  • Sit up with throw: Perform a sit ups while holding the ball with extended arms above your head. As you rise up, throw the ball against the wall. Catch it while you are in the upright position and repeat.
  • Shoulder taps with medicine ball: With the medicine ball ahead of you, get into a plank position and tap the ball with each hand in an alternating fashion.
  • Russian twist: In a semi-sit up position holding the ball in both hands in front of you, either with your legs up or on the floor, twist your torso with ball in hand to either side in an alternating fashion.
  • Medicine ball slams: Grab the medicine ball in both hands. Raise it up overhead and as you squat down from an upright position, slam the ball down onto a mat. It’s the perfect stress reliever, and you tone that tushie at the same time!

By Isilda Da Costa

Author: Tanja Schmitz

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