How to Create a Great Instagram Profile

Do you have your sights set on becoming an influencer in the fitness industry? If so, then it’s time to stop posting selfies and cuddly kitten photos and start crafting content that educates and inspires.

The 9 simple (yet not often applied) rules to creating a great Instagram profile:

1. Stick to the industry that you are passionate about.

Create dedicated accounts where you post good content that is related to your niche, non-stop. You love fitness, right? And you have aspirations to become an influencer and pick up sponsorship opportunities… then don’t post content that your audience will struggle to relate to.

2. Captivate and motivate with your captions

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, but the words in your captions are just as powerful as the visual elements.

Instagram3. Don’t over-post

Yes, yes, we said post related content to your niche non-stop, but find the balance. Rather communicate your message effectively than post something that repeatedly conveys the same message. A higher post frequency is okay, to a degree, as long as each post is crafted with thought.

ig_laura4. Use the relevant hashtags

Don’t post totally #random hashtags. #justsaying. How can people #find what they’re looking for #whenyourtagdoesn’tmakesense? Also, to not appear like a spammer, use the relevant tags with a post. Don’t use a food tag when your post is not food related, Try these instead:

#transformationtuesday #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #wcw

[highlight]General fitness hashtags include:[/highlight]

#gymtime #fitspiration #beachbody #getfit #workout #justdoit #gym #weightraining #strong #muscle

[highlight]For nutrition, try:[/highlight]

#cleaneating #cleanrecipes #eatclean #healthyrecipes #protein #foodporn

[highlight]For a dose of motivation, include:[/highlight]

#quote #motivation #fitnessquote #youcandoit #dreambig #noexcuses


Here are some great fitness accounts we think you should check out:

Laura Danielz 

Jenadine Havenga 

Jen Jewell 

Ashleigh Frost 

Jamie Eason Middleton 


5. Engage with other users

You’re now a ‘publisher’; a provider of content to the world. Engage, engage, engage! When you develop content and your audience queries something, make sure you answer in a timeous manner. In addition, engage on some of your followers’ accounts, and show them that you’re not only about you (and hopefully you’re not!) You can learn a lot from others, just stay humble.

6. Create positivity in the community

There is no place for opinionated posts on social media, especially when you’re trying to build a profile or leverage your business. Be impartial and unbiased. Approach matters with professionalism, and always remember what grandma said: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

App Icon Template. Vector Gradient Fresh Color

ig_jen7. Connect with other influencers

Reach out. DM, email or connect with likeminded people. Try to collaborate by pitching ideas to other noteworthy accounts. Get your name out there! Entering the USN Face of Fitness is an ideal place to start. (LINK: https://fitnessmag.co.za/usn-face-fitness-2/)

8. Cross promote similar accounts

If you find something that you think will resonate with your audience, share it!

9. People connect with people

Yes, it is all about creating quality content, but your personal brand still has to shine through in all the work you do. When you feel passionate about something, don’t be shy to share that passion! If something moves you, it will echo with the audience. They are, after-all, interested in you!


Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.