Ensure Your Feet are Healthy This Summer

Maintaining good hygiene and choosing the correct footwear can help ensure healthy feet during summer when they are most vulnerable, says a top shoe designer.

The entire body mass depends on strong, healthy feet for support and stability and footwear plays a significant role, says Bolton Footwear designer Devan Odayan. He adds that people spend a lot more time on their feet in summer, often outdoors, exposing them to various hazards.

Clean feet

“Good hygiene, avoiding walking barefoot and choosing quality footwear can help avoid health problems as well as injury,” says Odayan.

Odayan says common problems may be avoided by taking a few simple steps. “For example, research shows that although fashionable, wearing shoes without socks may contribute to poor foot health.”

He adds that moisture trapped in footwear may cause infection or odours and can largely be avoided by choosing the correct shoes.

“In addition to good hygiene, choose quality leather footwear, such as Barker shoes, as these allow your feet to breathe and sweat to escape, whereas synthetic shoes trap perspiration and don’t allow the foot to breathe.”

Odayan says Barker and other good quality shoes are made with breathable linings, allowing sweat to exit the shoe while insoles absorb perspiration. Each pair is handmade for both comfort and style.

Top tips for healthy feet:

  1. Wash your feet daily. Use an antibacterial soap if necessary.
  2. Soak your feet from time to time and ensure nails are cleaned and trimmed.
  3. Choose comfortable leather shoes or sandals. Synthetic leather leads to sweating and sore feet.
  4. Wipe the insides of your shoes and wipe and polish the outsides regularly.
  5. Always wear clean socks as they absorb sweat. Keep a fresh pair of socks handy should your feet sweat excessively.
  6. Use foot powder in shoes to absorb excess moisture and to counter odours.
  7. Allow shoes to fully dry out and to “breathe” between wearing. Alternating shoes helps this process.

Author: Mariska du Plessis

Mariska is the editor of Fitness Magazine, Bootcamp Instructor, Writer, Photographer and Wellness Blogger.

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