Chelsea – How I reshaped my body

How this Durbanite ‘RiShaped’ her body and life with a popular 8-week transformation challenge


Age: 24
Occupation: Admin Manager at Need-A-Tool
Lives: New Germany, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Weight before: 79.4kg
Body fat before: 34%
Weight after: 54.4kg
Body fat after: 23%
Instagram: @chelseajessicacampbell
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Durban’s Chelsea Campbell says the biggest hurdle during the RiShape 8-week transformation challenge on Facebook was managing her love for cooking. She had to change the way she cooked completely to drop the necessary kilos to win the challenge. “When you’re really determined and ready to actually get rid of the weight, you will, no matter what it takes, ” says Chelsea, who used to cook rich, creamy, fat-laden foods. She replaced them with healthy dishes that were still interesting and tasted yummy.As part of the challenge Chelsea received the RiShape diet plan – a high protein, low carbohydrate eating plan with lots of green veggies and salad. “RiShape owner and trainer, Riaan Dohne helped me determine what foods I should eat and what exercises I should do for my specific blood type.”

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She embarked on her first RiShape challenge in January 2015 and by March Chelsea had lost just over 13kg and achieved her goal of winning her first RiShape challenge. “In total I have lost 25kg and 134cm after completing my second and third challenge.” For Chelsea it was an amazing experience which changed her both mentally and physically. “I became more energetic, more enthusiastic and gained a better outlook on life.”

Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea


Quick facts

Favourite health food dish: Coriander and lime chicken on a bed of mixed salad, butternut, broccoli and pumpkin seeds, with a twist of homemade honey and mustard sauce. It was a recipe from my Jamie Oliver cook book that I tweaked to meet my dietary needs. I do this for most of my healthy dinners now.

Favourite exercise: Jump squats. It works up a good sweat, burns fat and makes me feel stiff the next day which lets me know I worked hard.
Must-use supplements: Vitamins B and C, SSN Ignite fat burner, CLA1000 tablets, Biogen vanilla ISO Whey protein shake (mix it with cinnamon and it tastes like milk tart).

Chelsea’s advice to those starting their transformation:
“Start by setting realistic goals. My initial goal was to lose at least 10kg in the first challenge. As you progress through the transformation and achieve each goal then set new, more challenging ones.”

Chelsea’s top diet tip:
“If you cheat on your eating plan don’t give up the next day by throwing your entire diet out the window thinking you’ve failed. Try harder the next day and keep a positive frame of mind. Always remind yourself why you started and never give up.”

Author: Tanja Schmitz

Founder and Editor of Fitness Magazine. You’ll find her behind her computer or on her bike, dreaming up new ways to improve or create content for you.

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  1. Zandy Reply


    My name is Zandy and I am 40 years old. I would like to be featured in the transformation section of your magazine. Two years ago, I weighed 89kg and currently weighing 55kg. I achieved this through a change of lifestyle, where I started counting calories, reading food labels and exercising smartly(70% strength training exercises and 30% cardio). My body is extremely toned with my upper body and butt as my best parts. I would like a platform to teach women how to change your lifestyle as I don’t believe in diets, but believe in lifestyle. I don’t believe in boring and boiled foods, I believe you should treat yourself and indulge on some foods and still lose weight, the key is portion control. I also prepare food differently through substitution cooking and grilling and baking your meals. I have invented alternative methods of tasty yet low calorie foods. I have done extensive research on food, nutrition and exercise. I have researched on efficient methods of exercise where you don’t spend long hours in the gym by in less than 45 minutes you can have a good workout. I am passionate about weight loss programme that wont cost money but witts and determination at it best. I have also enrolled in food and nutrition at hfpa. Please contact me for before and after pictures.



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