Candice – a mother’s battle with fat

How one mother’s battle with fat became a fight for survival


Age: 33
Occupation: Owner of a safety and security business
Marital status: Married with three boys (13 years, 4 years and 22 months old)
Lives: Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg
Weight before: 128kg with a BMI of 45.7
Body fat before: 54% (2014)
Weight after: 70kg with a current BMI of 25

Candice Whitehead’s inability to effectively shed weight turned into a life-threatening situation. “I began experiencing heart arrhythmia and before I knew it I was prescribed chronic medication for high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes. I had become a walking time bomb, and I wasn’t even 30 years old. I knew then that something had to be done.”

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Candice, mother of three boys, had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in September 2011, which would help her lose up to 25% of her total body weight. For the next three years Candice toiled tirelessly and dropped a whopping 40kg. Her weight stabilised at 90kg by that stage, which was in line with the predicted 25% weight loss one can expect after bariatric surgery.By December 2014 she decided to enter the Supashape 12-week Online Transformation Challenge as a mini goal to keep her motivated and constantly progressing. Candice’s training and eating delivered the results she was after. “My programme was easy to stick to – five small whole food meals daily with an intense training regimen that consisted of split training – legs and bum on day 1, 3 and 5, and upper body sessions on days 2, 4 and 6. I also did cardio three times a week, with a rest day on Sundays.” Candice says she now feels like a new person. “I’m a happier person and it shows. The eating and training is also no longer a fad… it has become part of my life.”

Quick facts:
Favourite healthy dish: Egg white frittatas with cherry tomatoes.
Favourite exercises: Squats and lunges
Must-use supplements: CLA, BCAAs, and a thermogenic fat burner.
Top diet tip: Supashape Zero Calorie Flavour Infusions help me get through my quota of water each day.

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