The Benefits Of Pole Fitness

Pole fitness- the group class you should try.

Slowly falling into a fitness pothole? Doing the same things, every day is sure way to create a rut. Get your groove back by trying a pole dance class.

If someone told you that spinning around a pole would provide you with an effective workout, you will probably be sceptical. You might also feel a little intimidated with spinning poles and then of course there is the taboo element- with pole dancing being synonymous with sleazy strip joints. With that said, the dance form has moved into the fitness realm. Internationally and locally, people are turning to the pole to firm there tush and tummy.

But, what makes it such an addictive and effective workout?

Well, once you get started, you can never go back. That’s according to Eda Marbury, from Missouri, United States. She started pole dancing two years ago. The desire to have children inspired Eda to change her lifestyle. It dawned on her that if she were to adequately take care of some one else, she needed to take care of herself first.

“I choose pole dancing because I saw a friend post her videos. I loved how confident she looked and strong. I came to my first class and was hooked. Pink Lemon Studio was just the environment I needed to thrive,” says Eda.

Eda paired pole dancing with a portion-controlled diet. She didn’t do anything far-fetched, or try to lose weight quickly or implement big and drastic changes. Instead, she integrated change slowly. First by limiting the amount of times she ate at restaurants and then reducing her consumption of fizzy drinks.

“I’ve lost a total of 65 pounds to date, but countless inches on my waist,” says Eda.

Samantha Hendricks, owner of pole dance cape town, is not surprised by Eda’s results.

“You will definitely see results after the first month. Your body is stronger and you will feel fit. Twice a week is definitely recommended, as you will achieve results quicker,” says Samantha, who lost 23kg through pole dancing.

“I’ve gained so much from pole fitness. I’ve gained a large amount of confidence. I feel sexy, strong and more capable,” says Eda, who takes up to eight fitness classes at Pink Lemon Studio, two of which are pole dance classes.

Most pole dance studios offer additional classes such as; Stretch and Tone and Burlesque dancing.

“Pole dancing boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel empowered,” agrees Samantha, “It is a great way to meet new people as well. You get all these benefits while losing weight, getting fit and improving strength and muscle tone.”

Keen to give it a go? Here’s what to expect:

Most pole studios have an introduction class, where you will learn the basic pole moves and tricks. That way you won’t feel intimidated when you attend your first real class. You then progress from beginner, to immediate, to advanced at your own pace.

“Our classes start off with some cardio and body mobilisation, then moves are taught,” explains Samantha, “the class ends off with a short dance routine followed by stretching and cool down session.”

While pole dancing works wonders for your waistline it’s useful to know that nothing will work for you unless you commit to it. To achieve greater results in a shorter time frame, Samantha suggests a sensible eating plan and regular cardio at the gym.

Pole dancing can be a challenging. The reason it is so difficult and effective is because every time you pull your body up the pole you are using your arms to lift your body weight. You are also activating your core. You also learn more difficult moves as you progress.

Eda therefore advises that you never give up. She keeps going no matter how hard it is.

“I believe that consistency is key in any success in a workout.”


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Author: Robyn Frost