Aneeka Buys’ Top Workout Moves

Aneeka Buys is a South African fitness superstar. She’s a personal trainer at Virgin Active’s Collection Club in Cape Town’s Silo district, founder and CEO of Fit Girl, and a Training Ambassador for Adidas.

Aneeka firmly believes in compounded and functional exercise; “My go-to moves incorporate more than one muscle group, ensuring more muscle recruitment towards the major movement, and forcing you to activate your core”.

Aneeka shares her top four heart-thumping workout moves:

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Renegade Row Burpee to Shoulder Press

Start in a plank position holding onto a pair of dumbbells. Maintaining your plank, pull one dumbbell towards your torso, return to your start position, and then the other. With both dumbbells on the floor, jump in with your knees close to your chest. Stand up and bring the dumbbells towards your shoulders. Maintaining a strong core, press the dumbbells up and overhead into a shoulder press. Placing your dumbbells back onto the floor, return to your start position by jumping back out into a plank.

Chest Press to Glute Bridge

Lying on a mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground, position a set of dumbbells over your chest. Drop them down at your sides by bending your elbows until the backs of your arms touch the ground and there is a 90-degree angle at your elbows. Maintaining a strong core, push the dumbbells back up and over your chest, whilst simultaneously lifting your hips by squeezing your bum, until your hips are fully extended. Lower your hips and the dumbbells back to the start positions.


On a mat, place your flat palms down, extending your arms. Place your feet next to the mat on the left and bend your knees slightly. Activating through your shoulders and core, jump over the mat to the right, touching your bum with your heels at the top of the jump.

Shoulder Raises to Posed Lunge

Stand with your left leg forward and your right leg to the back (split stance). Drop down by bending your knees, into a lunge position. Maintaining this lunge, place your left hand onto your hip, and hold a dumbbell in your right hand. Maintaining a straight arm throughout and activating through your core, front raise the dumbbell to shoulder level, release back and lateral raise. Alternate these movements 8 times, then switch sides.

Author: Mariska du Plessis

Mariska is the editor of Fitness Magazine, Bootcamp Instructor, Writer, Photographer and Wellness Blogger.

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