Advanced Pole Fitness Toning Workout


Kathy Lee, of The Pole Project in Cape Town, shows us some advanced toning exercises.

“The moves are advanced pole moves and require significant strength and technique developed through gradual progressive training,” says Kathy Lee, instructor and owner of The Pole Project in Cape Town.

The Workout:

  1. Elbow Hook Straddle Split
  2. The Flag
  3. The Dangerous Bridge
  4. The Fish

Move 1: Elbow Hook Straddle SplitMove 1: Elbow Hook Straddle Split

This moves requires strength and flexibility.
How to do it: Keeping a good grip with the inside of your thigh and hooking the pole at the bottom with your opposite elbow, you have to turn your chest out and open up the hips, at the same time pulling down your leg closest to the pole.
Targets: hip flexors, adductors, hamstrings, shoulders and abs

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Move 2: The FlagMove 2: The Flag

This is an ultimate power move that displays immense core strength.
How to do it: The arms are engaged, the top arm is pulling and the bottom arm is pushing against the pole.
Targets: Arms and core


Move 3: The Dangerous BridgeMove 3: The Dangerous Bridge

This position requires strong shoulders, and it also helps to have some back flexibility.
How to do it: Here the chest, arms and shoulders are doing the majority of the work, but your back muscles are doing their fair share too. The top foot is hooked onto the pole.
Targets: The calves, glutes and hamstrings and abdominal muscles.


Move 4: The Fish Sit
Move 4: The Fish Sit

How to do it: The body is pushing away from the pole in this position whilst you hold your weight, which requires strong arms and legs.
Targets: The thighs, back muscles and core.

Not so advanced? Try these beginner moves.


Workout by: Kathy Lee, instructor and owner of The Pole Project
Performed by: Kathy Lee, Leda Wright and Hedwig Taylor
Photography by: Lindsey Appolis


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Author: Robyn Frost