5 Weeks to a Slim and Fit Body: Week 2

We’re taking the guesswork out of your training routine for the next 5 weeks! Burn massive amounts of calories and strengthen your entire body with this high intensity workout.

Improve your functional fitness with exercises that use multiple muscle groups and joints, while also increasing muscular endurance, overall strength, balance, posture and agility.

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The goal: Keep your rest periods to a minimum. Go straight into the next exercise without pausing and take a brief 1-2 minute rest between rounds to ensure that your heart rate remains elevated.
If you’re new to functional fitness routines, performing the number of repetitions required. Complete 3-4 rounds of this high intensity workout.

The Experienced Workout

If you’re no stranger to high intensity functional fitness, challenge yourself by adding more reps to each move and performing the routine for 4-6 rounds. Repeat workout 1 & 2 twice during your 1st week.

Week 2 – Workout 1

Week 2 – Workout 2

15 Barbell squats 40 Body weight squats
20 Jump Lunges 15 tuck jumps
15 Pushups 10 close grip pushups
15 Squat press 12 shoulder presses
12 Good mornings 15 kettlebell swings
15 Jackknives 20 mountain climbers


Exercise description….

Workout 1

 Barbell squats 

Place a barbell that has been loaded with a comfortable yet challenging weight across your back. Squat down until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Don’t let your knees extend over your toes as you drop your glutes down. Push back up through your heels as you extend your knees and hips, keeping your core tight and your glutes engaged.

 5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Barbell squats

 Jump lunges 

Take a large step forward with your hands on your hips – this is the starting position. Dip down into the lunge. As you push yourself back up by extending your knees and hips, jump up with an explosive movement. Switch your legs in mid air. Land with the opposite leg in front of you, back in the lunge position.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Jump lunges


Place your hands wider than shoulder-width apart on the floor, With your legs stretched out behind you, and your core engaged, lower your chest down to the floor. Push yourself back up to the starting position. Keep your core and glutes contracted throughout the movement.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Push-ups

Tip: Perform push-ups with your knees on the floor if the movement is too difficult.

 Squat presses 

Hold dumbbells in either hand, at shoulder height. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Push back up and extend your knees and hips to return to the upright position. As you’re about to reach the fully upright position push the dumbbells overhead into a shoulder press. Lower the dumbbells and repeat.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Squat presses

 Good mornings 

With your feet placed shoulder-width apart, place a barbell at the base of your neck, resting on your traps. Bend forward until your back is parallel to the floor, while keeping a slight bend in your knees. Push the weight back up to the starting position by extending your back to complete the movement. Keep your back straight and you core contracted at all times.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Good mornings


Sit on a mat with your legs bent. Balance your bodyweight on your bum, with your legs elevated and arms out in front of you. Lower your upper body to the floor in a controlled motion, stretching your legs and arms out in opposite directions. Keep your legs elevated and off the floor. Return to the starting position by bringing your legs and arms together again to complete the movement.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Jack knives

Workout 2

  Air squats (bodyweight squats) 

Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Push back up, but don’t lock your knees when you reach the upright position, then immediately repeat. This is a fast paced movement that will target your quadriceps and glutes, and increase your heart rate.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Air Squats (Bodyweight squats)

 Tuck jumps 

Stand with your feet apart, knees slightly bent, and your hands in front of you. Drop down, and push back up by jumping as high as you can. As you do so raise your knees up and tuck them into your chest. Ensure a soft landing and repeat.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Tuck jumps

 Close grip push-ups 

Place your hands close together on the floor under your chest in the push-up starting position. Slowly lower your chest to the ground, keeping your elbows as close as possible to your body. Push yourself back up to the starting position.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Close-grip push ups

If you’re unable to do a proper push-up you can place your knees on the ground to shorten the lever and reduce the difficulty of the movement.

 Shoulder presses 

Stand with your feet positioned hip-width apart. Holding the barbell with your hands positioned slightly wider than shoulder-width apart in front of you. With the barbell at shoulder height in front of you, keep your abs contracted and push the barbell upwards. Lower the bar back to the starting position and repeat.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Shoulder presses

 Kettlebell swings 

Set up with the kettlebell just in front of you. Hinge at the hips and push back with your glutes while keeping your back straight. Lower yourself until you’re able to grip the kettlebell, with your hips down and back straight and tight. Pull your shoulders back and down by engaging the lats. Pull the kettlebell back hard as your hands go between your legs, until you feel the tension in your hamstrings. Contract your glutes and hamstrings forcefully and allow this to drive your hips forward, extending them in a “pop-like” motion. The momentum from this will “throw” the kettlebell forward, and it is now being guided by your hands and extended arms until shoulder height. Let the kettlebell fall back fast between your legs. As it does, break at the hips again to repeat the movement.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Kettlebell swings

 Mountain climbers 

In a push-up position keep your arms straight and the balls of your feet on the floor. Get your balance, then bring your left knee up to your chest, then plant your foot back down. Switch up the position by returning your left leg to the starting position and bring your right knee in towards your chest. Keep alternating your legs with each rep. Keep the pace fast.

5 weeks to a slim and fit body: Week 2 - Mountain climbers

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Photographed by Cindy Ellis
Modelled by Hlubi Mboya
Dressed by Boost Gymwear

Author: Tanja Schmitz

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