5 Ways to Combat Gym Germs

Go on the offensive to fight against germs at the gym

Fitness and optimal health are the main reasons to go to the gym, yet it can often be a breeding ground for germs. Just think about it. Many people are handling dumbbells, barbells, machines and cardio equipment throughout the day, and some don’t follow adequate hygiene practices- like handwashing. This makes it the ideal conditions for the spread of nasty germs.

The saying is true, the best defence is offence – avoid flu, stomach bugs, germs and other infections with these simple tips.

1240x660_gymgerms21. Sanitise your hands and equipment

Germs are more commonly spread by hand than through the air. Avoid them by wiping down equipment with a sanitising wipe before use. A courtesy wipe after use will help prevent others from contact with your germs. It is also a good idea to avoid touching your face until you’ve had a chance to wash your hands. You can also do a quick hand wash or use a hand sanitiser between exercises.

2. Avoid contact with the water fountain spout

When drinking from the water fountain don’t place your mouth over the spout. Even when you fill up your water bottle keep a safe distance between the tap and the bottle. Fountains were designed to spray the water a certain way for a reason – to reduce incidental contact with the spout.

1240x660_mat3. Take your own exercise mat

While most reputable gyms will wipe down and/or clean exercise mats regularly, it’s impossible to do it after every class. Therefore many people who have used that mat before you, have left their sweat and possibly some germs behind after each use. Most people don’t wipe them down after use either, so invest in your own mat that you can keep clean.

4. Wash gym gear regularly

Washing your gym towel after every session is essential to reduce the chance of infection. Remember to throw in your weightlifting gloves as well. This will limit the possibility of contact with staph bacteria. Studies show that it can bind to polyester, the material of choice for many weightlifting gloves.

5. Keep your workout clothes separate

1240x660_gym3If you usually head to work after your workout and shower, place a disposable packet in your gym bag for your sweats. Your workout clothes may have picked up germs from benches or seats. Bacteria and fungus thrive in the hot moist environment of your gym bag when your used gym clothes are thrown in. The disposable bag will ensure that the bacteria and fungus don’t find their way into the lining of your gym bag, or infect the rest of your clothing. This limits the likelihood that you’ll spread these germs at home or at the office when you unpack your bag.

By following these tips you stand a better chance of remaining heathy year round. Now you can spend less time fighting germ exposure and more time fighting the bulge.


Author: Robyn Frost