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Thrive Fitness SA is a four zone, four station gym that accommodates 16 people at a time with the benefit of a personal training session set in a group environment.

The unique concept, which consists of four indoor zones each with four exercises that target your upper and lower body, core and cardio, is designed to help people switch off from day-to-day life by dedicating just 45-minutes of their busy schedule to themselves, in a welcoming and judgement-free environment.

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Training blends with entertaining at Thrive Fitness SA

The classes are themed and each day of the week has a specific programme that brings with it a timed music set for that session. The music has been carefully selected and mixed by DJ Jon White and compliments the dramatic lighting which helps with cardio, timing and keeps you amped during training. There are also TV screens in each zone demonstrating the process and correct form.

Fun yet functional training the real drawcard

But the real drawcard is the expert trainers who are there to assist and stimulate you along the way, with the ability to tailor the moves according to your strengths and goals.

This dynamic gives Thrive more of a group personal training session feel than the average gym class. There’s also an outdoor section called “The Turf” for those who prefer to push themselves even harder.

Thrive in this unique fitness environment

The gym is situated in Victoria Road, Hout Bay and there is no contract, monthly fees or membership required. This allows you to train in a way that fits your lifestyle and work with your other fitness interests. Your first class is free, thereafter you can buy one class pass at a time or group packages that end up costing R90 per 45 minutes. To book visit www.thrivefitness.co.za.

Author: Pedro van Gaalen

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