3 Ways to Try the Sevens Workout

To avoid a weight loss plateau, it’s important to change things up. Take a break from your current routine – try the Sevens workout.

The sevens workout is a regular feature at Crossfit. But, you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from its kilojoule burning, boredom busting, and total body toning effects. Simply add any of these challenging, but do-able workouts to your routine.

How to do it

Simple, do seven repetitions of the seven exercises listed, and perform the entire circuit seven times. If you’re already training separate body parts in each of your workout sessions, choose any of the circuits listed here to change up your routine or add it to the end of your existing workout as a bonus.

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You could also create your own full body routine by choosing two exercises from each workout below. For the seventh exercise do your favourite abdominal move.

Each of the workouts listed here has been designed so you can transition easily between movements. You’ll alternate between cardio and strength exercises, and we’ve also included a full workout for your cardio sessions.

Improve your time

Beginners can aim for five rounds and build up to seven. The rest period between each round should be one minute. Each time you do this workout, try to improve your workout completion time, without compromising form.

Ensure you perform an adequate warm up before starting and cool down after your workout. This will prevent injury and promote better muscle recovery.


The Butt Blaster Workout


Photo by Dave Laus. Modelled by Theresa Jenn Lopetrone

Goblet Squat x 7 reps

Performing squats are necessary for a better-looking booty. Hold a kettlebell or dumbbell in front of your chest. With legs hip width apart and feet pointed forward, squat until your thighs are parallel with the floor.

Mountain Climber x 7 reps

Begin in a full push up position. Lower your body downwards into a push-up position. Bring your right knee to your chest as you lower downwards, and then back to start. Repeat using left knee. That’s one rep.

Deadlift x 7 reps

Stand up straight with knees slightly bent and legs about hip width apart. Hold your weights of choice (barbell, kettlebell, one or two dumbbells) in your hands as you slowly bend at the hips. Go as far down as you can without compromising your form. To return to standing position, push through your heels and bring your hips forward. Your back needs to remain flat and straight throughout the entire movement.

Kettlebell Swings x 7 reps

Start in standing position. Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell between your legs. Use momentum to swing the weight to chest level. Return to start.

Sumo Squat into Calf Raise x 7 reps

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and toes pointing outwards, holding one weight in front of you. Bend your knees to squat. Return to starting position. As your legs straighten, raise your heels off the ground. That’s one rep.

Box Jumps x 7 reps

Jump with both feet onto a box or step. Jump back down again. Repeat seven times.

Bridges x 7 reps

Lay on the floor with legs bent and feet on the floor. Lift your buttocks off the floor as high as you can. To make this more challenging, place a weight plate on your abdomen or lift one leg straight towards the ceiling.

Check out page 2 for an upper body toning sevens circuit.

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