3 Effective Fat Loss Workouts

3 Effective fat loss workouts

In need of a little motivation and guidance?

Check out our 3 most popular online training resources for 2015. If you’re looking for an effective working to get rid of the festive season weight gain, then try any of these calorie-busting-favourites!

The workout that targets problem areas Part 2

The workout that targets problem areas – Part 1 & 2!

Thighs, butt, stomach and arms… Our 2 part training program helps target these trouble areas.


Week 1 - 5 week training

5 Weeks to a slim and fit you!

A detailed 5 week full body workout! Get 2 workouts a week for 5 weeks to build a slim and fit physique.


Metcon training workout

Intensify your training with Metcons!

Blast more calories and burn more fat with metabolic training.  High intensity short duration for serious results! This barbell complex will get you back into the swing of things.

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