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Jamie Eason

Everyone’s favourite fitness model is back! Jamie Eason makes a return to our cover and she is looking as fit and fab as ever. When we were planning our first special glutes issue ever there was no question about who we wanted to grace the cover. Jamie’s dynamite derrière has appeared on the covers of a number of international magazines already and we know its the bum that the majority of our readers aspire to.
It’s also been almost two years since we last profiled Jamie in fitness magazine and she’s definitely been busy. However, the most exciting changes have been in her personal life, so we were really excited to catch up with her again and see what’s been happening on the other side of the pond...


It’s great to have you back on the cover of fitness magazine. You are definitely our readers’ favourite here in South Africa. So tell us a little bit about what has been happening in your life since we last featured you in May 2010.
 There haven’t been too many career changes for me since May 2010. I still represent and contribute full-time to various websites and publications. However, with regard to my personal life there has been one major change that I am really excited about. I recently got engaged over Christmas. Our courtship started in January last year, so my 2011 was certainly an exciting time and I imagine that 2012 is going to be even better!

We are all very excited for you and can’t wait to see the wedding photos! So who is the lucky man and how did he pop the question?
 We got engaged on Christmas Eve. My fiancé’s name is Michael Middleton and we met at church where he was the worship pastor. He popped the question with a song that he wrote for me and played on the piano.

Wow, that’s really romantic. You don’t hear of many proposals like that these days. What else is happening in your life outside of the gym? 
I am working on a few different business ventures. They include a few book projects which, at this point, includes a cookbook and I am also busy developing a few phone application projects as well.

And how are things going with the clothing line you were planning to launch when we last spoke? Do you have plans to distribute in South Africa?
 Unfortunately I’m no longer doing the swimsuit line. Sourcing materials and finding reputable sewers proved to be far more difficult than I ever imagined.

In terms of your health and fitness, how has your training and nutrition changed since we last spoke to you? You looked super-lean with extra muscle on your shoulders and arms in your latest Fitness RX cover shot. Why and how did you change your physique?
 Just before the holidays last year I decided it was time to refocus my training and shift from maintenance mode into muscle building mode. With such a busy travel schedule the inconsistency in my training caused my muscles to atrophy. Not only did I lose a fair amount of muscle throughout the year but I also gained some body fat, making it harder to be in photo shoot condition at a moment’s notice. In August I decided that I would do the LiveFit training programme that I designed for, which is based on the real training and nutrition principles that I’ve used for years.

Tell us a bit more about your LiveFit programme. We’re sure our readers would be interested in this extremely effective form of training. 
The LiveFit programme is a comprehensive training and nutrition programme that I created for It outlines my personal approach to training and I’ve been using it for years. It also helped many people, including my own family, to not only get into shape but also stay in shape. It is a 12 week programme split into three phases, namely weight training with no cardio, cardio plus weight training and then a lean out phase. My hope is that when people follow the programme they will understand how progressive resistance and tweaking intensity will give them the fit body they truly desire and not just a skinnier version of their former shape.

What are some of the other health and fitness trends you are witnessing in the United States that we can expect to see in South Africa in the near future?
 I am not quite sure what has or hasn’t caught on in South Africa yet this year, but Crossfit has become rather huge in the US. Many people enjoy the fast pace and competitive nature of the routines. I’ve tried Crossfit and it’s definitely intense. I could see myself using it in the later stages of my training to help me lean out, but I need traditional weight training to make my otherwise petite body grow. Zumba is another workout craze that is increasing in popularity in the US. It’s a high intensity dance routine that uses moves that originated from Brazil - think lots and lots of hip action!

Have you done much competing since we last spoke? And if so, what were your results? 
I haven’t competed since 2006, although I do admire the people who compete regularly. I really have no desire to step back on stage to be honest. I am super-passionate about helping everyday people who really struggle with their health and fitness goals and I stay so busy with travel and various projects that competing just really isn’t feasible for me.

So what does the future hold for Jamie Eason, personally and professionally then?
 I am super-excited about the future, especially having found the love of my life. We love fitness, love people and love the Lord. My fiancé travels the country playing different church venues and I travel for various fitness events. In both places we typically get to do what we love doing the most, which is encouraging people in both heart and health. We are so blessed to have jobs that afford us quality time together and that fulfill our passions. Life really is good!

We are really happy to hear that! Well, as you know this is our special glutes issue, so to finish this interview off can you gives us a few of your top glute training tips? 
My top glute training tip is exaggerate the movement. For instance, when you lunge, take a long step, when you squat, go deep. A greater range of motion recruits a greater number of muscle fibres in your glutes. It is also important to really focus on the contraction. The mind-muscle connection really helps you to get the most out of your training.

And what are your favourite glute training moves? 
My favourite glute training exercises are barbell split squats (without the bench), walking barbell lunges, single leg barbell deadlifts (also without the bench) and the barbell loaded glute bridge.
For more information on Jamie and her training techniques, books and more, visit

We also see that you’re quite the hit on BodySpace, having won the “most inspirational” member award at the end of last year. How important is the community aspect of health and fitness and what can people learn or benefit from by joining these social networks?
BodySpace is a social site, created and maintained by The best way to describe BodySpace is a Facebook for the fitness industry. It is a place to find like-minded individuals in pursuit of similar fitness goals. You can expect to find people just starting their fitness journey, seasoned professionals and even athletes from various disciplines on BodySpace. The great thing about a fitness social site is that it not only offers insight and encouragement but it’s a great tool for accountability when it comes to being able to stick to your goals.

Supashape 12 Week Transformation Cahllenge