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Ramp up your fat loss

There are certain fundamentals when it comes to fat loss....

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Guilt-free sweet attack

Satisfy the sweetest of cravings without adding unwanted calories to your diet...

Fitness Magazine

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Many people make the mistake of making radical dietary changes...

Fitness Magazine

Getting the Fitness look

Few things are as rewarding as the results you get when you...

Fitness Magazine

The link between food and ill health

Good, simple, nutrition and what you put into your body is the foundation for good health...

Fitness Magazine

Genevieve regains her body

How I lost 47kilos...

Fitness Magazine

Intensify your training

This form of exercise, popularised in CrossFit boxes across the world, consists of high intensity....

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Training by body type

Body types or, scientifically-speaking, somatotypes are divided into three broad categories...

Fitness Magazine

What to expect when you're expecting

So the big day has come and gone and you are home with your new bundle of joy...

Fitness Magazine

Top fat loss foods

Eat healthy food, follow a well balanced diet, exercise daily and maintain your ideal...

Fitness Magazine

No need to sacrifice on taste

Try these lean and healthy meals that are packed full of flavour..

Fitness Magazine

Take life on

What is functional fitness, and should you be doing it?

Fitness Magazine

How much is too much?

It's critical to understand the physiological responses our bodies have to various stressors...

Fitness Magazine

Benefits of plant-based protein

Can you meet all your protein requirements from a vegetarian or raw food diet?

Fitness Magazine

Cable moves to tighten and tone

Cables offer a very different 'feel' to free weights as it places them under constant tension

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Your Fitness

Fitness travel bag I’ve been travelling a lot recently, which means everything about my fitness routine had to change. I’m a ‘free-weightR...

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